Petromanas is an international oil and gas company focused on the exploration and development of assets in underexplored regions. The Company takes into account a number of criteria in the selection of assets for exploration and development including, but not limited to:

  • Track record of companies previously holding the assets
  • Proximity to current production
  • Size of potential resources
  • Relative success of analogue play types
  • Access to infrastructure and internal and export markets
  • Geopolitical risk and potential for good relations with government and regulators
  • Fiscal terms including the application and scale of royalties and taxes
  • Experience with specific geology
  • Access to country-specific operating and regulatory expertise
  • Exploration costs including the availability of technologically advanced equipment and techniques

Using these criteria, Petromanas has assembled a portfolio of properties with significant resource potential in regions with existing discoveries/production. The countries in which Petromanas operates are democracies that are supportive of foreign investment in their petroleum industries, are close to key internal and export markets, and offer favourable fiscal terms. The Company’s portfolio includes 852,000 acres in Albania, 170,000 acres in France and 1.6 million acres in Australia.